I Journaled Every Day For Four Years....

Written by Alyshia Hull

Photo by  Ava Sol  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash


Ah, journaling – it seems like a hobby for teen girls only, right? It's okay, I once thought that, too. After all, movies and Disney TV shows do make it seem that way! But as a writer, I liked the idea of releasing, my thoughts, feelings, and ideas onto a page. So, I entertained the idea of starting a daily journal. When doing so, I realized how much I truly needed it. For this reason, I have never stopped. I once needed a place to release my creativity, emotions and above all – the anxiety I was struggling with. Four years later, my daily journal entry has helped me in various ways, including the following.


I look back on my journal entries often. By doing so, I can track and acknowledge my own growth, change and development. Sometimes these changes are so small, I can’t notice my progression without reflecting back on my entries. Or often, when re-reading my journal, it will bring back memories. Even if I remember a day, time or moment clearly, I enjoy looking back on the thoughts I once forgot about.

Release of emotion

If you are like me, sometimes your anxiety or overwhelmed brain can leave you feeling unorganized or weighed down! As mentioned, my emotions are the reason I began journaling. I needed a healthy way to release the feelings I was carrying. When I was able to do so, my emotions felt more attainable. For this exact reason, I find it important to journal before bed. By writing everything down, I am able to feel calmer and more at peace with my day, thoughts and goals.


Journaling is a great tool for reflection, but it can also be used for motivation and goal setting. For this reason, many choose to journal during the morning, too. If you are looking to focus in on your dreams and ambitions this practice might be what you need!

Since journaling is very much a personal process, you will have to find the rhythm that works best for you! But when I journal about my goals, my journal looks something like this.

  1. First, I write out my top three goals.

  2. Second, I write out my to-do list. (This list correlates with my goals. These are the things I can do today to get myself closer to achieving what I have listed.)

  3. Finally, I write out one thing I am thankful for. I strongly believe when working to achieve your dreams you have to start from a place of gratitude.

Example: My #1 goal is to pitch 100 articles this week. 
To do: I need to pitch 14-15 articles today.
Thankful for: I am thankful for the brands I already work with.


When I write out my thoughts, goals and feelings I am looking to gain clarity and awareness. By journaling, I am to explore my thoughts critically and logically. If I am facing a particular problem at home or at work, I try to work out the situation on paper. Maybe, I can’t do this in one entry, but at the very least I am trying to clean up the issue at hand.


Simply, I journal because I love to write. By writing in a journal I am able to practice what I love most. Since writing is a passion of mine – I find joy in using it as a creative outlet. Here, I am able to work on my craft in a fun and creative way.